"No Filter, raw, real, uncut, nothing between you and the Source"

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Who We Are

Unfiltered is a group of intercessors, worshipers, prophets, apostles, evangelists, teachers, pastors, and musicians whose passion is to see every corner of the globe experience God through setting the stage for Him alone in raw worship.

We worship, hit record, and see what happens. No hype, no performance, just uncut, live worship. We’ve set out on a journey to know God and to welcome the world into encountering Him by using tools to create an immersive experience.

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What We Offer

We offer authentic online worship experiences that help people encounter the heart of God.

  • Weekly livestreamed worship sessions that you can listen to as many times as you want. (Each session is around an hour long)
  • Daily devotionals that include a moment of worship from one of our sessions.
  • Behind the scenes footage of how we record, what we use, who the individuals are in our collective and lots more.
  • Interviews with special guest worship artists from around the world.
  • 360 cam in the center of the room as we worship, so you can watch whatever you want throughout the sessions.
  • A community page that allows you to interact with our team and join us before or after the sessions stream.
  • All of our sessions are completely downloadable so you can stream anytime, anywhere.

Have You Asked Yourself

  • Are you hungry to worship more than on Sundays or at church?
  • Are you a musician, vocalist, or worship leader that wants to learn more about flowing in spontaneous worship?
  • Are you looking to grow deeper in your relationship with God?
  • Are you unable to go to church or have found yourself churchless?
  • Are you a church that needs immersive worship you can play for your congregation before or after service?
  • Are you a pastor of a small church or home group that needs a worship leader or team, but don’t have one?
  • What would having a daily time in connection with God do for your life?

When Will Unfiltered Launch?

We’re putting the finishing touches on the Unfiltered platform! Sign up below to be notified with we launch. If you’re one of the first 500 people to sign up you’ll get an exclusive invite to our pre-launch beta!

Will Unfiltered Be Free?

It’s free to join us on Facebook for our live worship sessions to watch when they air only. If you want access to watch the video after it airs, download any session for offline streaming, watch daily devotionals, or take advantage of our other content and community page, you can do so for a small monthly fee that supports our team and all the costs associated with having a website this day.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

When you sign up your email address,we’ll connect with you and notify you of upcoming events like our launch.

Welcome to the Unfiltered family and thanks for joining us on this great adventure!

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